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2nd April 2018

Recently we met with Mr. David Walsh of HSE Primary Care Office.  This came after a lot of representations both on our own behalf and on behalf of our Public Representatives (in particular our Oireachtas Members). We had proposed a Pubic Meeting at the end of February but the Snow forced us to cancel that, but in the background we were constantly working away and we have now reached a position where we can say we are satisfied that Drimnagh Primary Care Centre will go ahead and will be built. Funding has not been settled yet but we feel definite the project will be done during 2020. This is a little later than we had hoped but we must remember, only 2 months ago the project was dead in the water so we are able to report great success in that it has been revived and will happen.

There is still a lot of negotiating to be done but at least we are on our way, finally.

So we can all look forward to Drimnagh having a proper Primary Care Centre in the not-too-distant future to look after the Heath needs of all our residents