Drimnagh Lore

The fine parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel now covers part of the lands and woods owned by the de Bernivales. Over these lands trod the mail-clad Normans, fearful of attack by the O’Tooles and O’Byrnes of Wicklow

The part of the parish at the top of Mourne Road, contained the “Cnoc Gortagh”, or “Hungry Hill”. The high ground here contained a field that had the “Hungry Grass” that figures in our folklore. This “Hungry Grass” was said to be of a light colour, almost white, that grew in patches near an animal track, or path. It was said that if a person should walk through this grass without having food in their possession, he or she would be overcome by a great hunger, a dizziness, weakness and sweating, followed by death from hunger.