Drimnagh Industries

The portion of the parish near Dolphin’s Barn was, in the 18th and 19th century, the centre of a thriving brick industry, being known then as “The Brick Field”.

The lands around Drimnagh are rich and fertile, and agriculture was a lucrative business.

Probably the most famous of the farmers around Drimnagh were the Flanagan’s.  The “Bird Flanagan”, as he was called, lived in a house situated at the top of Errigal Rd.  It is now demolished for some years and “Spheres” sports club (now a children’s research centre) build in its place.  The ‘Bird’s’ brother lived up the road from him.  His house was demolished and Super Quinn Supermarket was built on the site. Most of present day Drimnagh was built on the ‘Bird’s’ land.

There was an Asphalt Works located on Crumlin Rd later to become a site for manufacturing concrete products. The site of Mora Crete was later levelled and the present Crumlin Shopping Centre built on it.

Brickworks was probably the biggest employer in the area.  Most of present day Galtymore and Mourne roads were the Brickworks site.  The waste from the Brickworks was dumped in a valley close by – this is now SundrivePark. Further dumping occurred in the area that is now BrickfieldPark.

Just near the entrance to the Brickworks, on the corner of Herberton Rd. and Dolphin Rd. was the original site of Guinness Grounds.  Further down are Iveagh Houses and grounds. Guinness bought the land to provide a new sports ground for its workers.  The houses were first to be built and then the sports ground was developed. Beside the Iveagh Grounds, as we know it, was the K.N.S. Jam Factory.

LansdowneValley or ‘The Valley’ as we know it hasn’t changed in existence except for the building of houses. Lamb’s fruit factory was on the Naas Rd. and close by we find Drimnagh Castle (or Hatches’ Castle, as people called it).

ÁRDSCOIL EANNA, as we know it now, stood out in those days.  There as a large orchard with the house.  The O’ Brien (O’ Broin) family have lived there for a considerable time.