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Report on Final Info Meeting re Knocknarea Court

29th September 2017

The Monitoring Committee held its final Public Information meeting with the Curlew Rd / Knocknarea Rd Residents on Thursday 21st of September.

This is a summary of the main points discussed:

  1. About 30 residents in attendance with Monitoring Ctte represented by Peter Burke, Eimear Fitzgibbon, Lorraine Mitchel. Both Pat Clarke and John Corr were unavailable. Declan Ronan and Chris Butler were there from DCC.
  2. Chris Butler gave an up-to-date report on the progress of the development and indicated that the 23rd of Oct is to be taken  as new completion date – barring unforeseen problems. Currently the internal fitting out of the houses is ongoing and outside the run-ins and footpaths are being laid.
  3. Declan stated that all potential tenants have been vetted by DCC and An Gárda Síochána and details have been given to SOPHIA HOUSING AGENCY who will manage the scheme.
  4. SOPHIA HOUSING AGENCY was introduced by the chairman who pointed out they would have complete control over the Management of Knocknarea Court. SOPHIA then gave a presentation on what they do – they will manage the scheme completely and this was received very positively by the meeting.
  5. Currently SOPHIA are meeting with all tenants both individually and collectively so their will be a clear understanding on the part of the tenants of all rules and regulations. There are also some discussions with THE BOSCO on a programme of integration of the youth into the overall youth facilities available in  The BOSCO and how they can best be accessed and used by these new young residents.
  6. There were a number of questions that didn’t really relate to Monitoring Committee at all e.g. Traffic, parking, one-way v two-way traffic etc. which were answered by DCC’s Declan & Chris
  7. The Chairman pointed out the work of the Monitoring Committee was now effectively completed bar one or two meetings to tie up loose ends but a new Liaison Committee needed to be set up to deal with the new situation which will exist from end of October when the new tenants are in place.
  8. There were a number of volunteers for the New LIAISON COMMITTEE, which will be working with SOPHIA HOUSING AGENCY to deal with any issues that may arise in the future. The Committee’s structure will be finalised over the next few weeks and will hold it’s first meeting, in The Bosco, on a date to be agreed, in November.
  9. A number of people thanked the Monitoring Committee for its work, commitment and dedication to the community and in responding the DCC reps Declan, Chris and Brian Byrne (who played a major role up to the end of May) were thanked for their regular attendance at Monitoring Committee meetings, and noted in particular that Declan (who has been transferred to another part of the City) continues to stay with the project until completion.
  10. Meeting concluded at 8:45 approx.

(NOTE: Drimnagh Residents Association would like to take this opportunity to thank The McAuley Centre for making space available for all the public meetings both leading up to, and during the construction work itself.)