15th July 2020

Our Lady’s Hall has been closed during the Pandemic but preparations are being made to begin a slow return to general activities from Monday July 20th. On that date and during that week a number of regular activities will recommence their programmes, all observing social distancing as well as hand and mouth hygiene, with others to follow in later weeks until, it is hoped all will be back in action by September.

                                 Showing new windows and new doors

During the week of July 20th three important groups will return:

  • The Active Retired group operating on Monday and Thursday Mornings from 11 am to 1 pm
  • The Men’s’ Club on Monday evenings from 8pm to 10pm.
  • Ballroom Dancing

In later weeks YOGA, Bridge, Majorettes, Stage School, Irish Dancing, Sunday Morning Ballroom Dancing, and then by September we expect to have Bingo, SAD Academy, Ladies Club etc.

There is also interest from some new groups – more about that later.