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Modular Housing – Update

8th December 2016

The Monitoring Ctte had its 4th meeting on Thursday 24th:

  1. The Generator loomed large again and we were guaranteed the electrical connection to the McAuley Centre will be in place from Monday 27th.
  2. Starting time is agreed to be 7:30 and any breaches of this should be reported to Committee or DCC officials immediately.
  3. There was some discussion on Community Gain and this will be teased out at future meetings.
  4. A circular will issue to the residents of Curlew Rd (the people most affected by the works) within the week.
  5. DCC pressed to issue a letter clarifying position on Tenants – it will probably be end of January before this can be done.
  6. The Ctte intends to have an information evening in January so that all those interested from Curlew Road will have up-to-date information from Monitoring Committee.
  7. All top-soil should be removed by Wed 29th or Thurs 30th so Truck movement should be reduced substantially as a result.
  8. The next phase will involve laying the foundations so there will be some movement of concrete lorries in and out but on a much less frequent basis than with the soil removal.