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Modular Housing – Curlew Road

2nd November 2016

After a series of meetings between residents and senior City Council officials, it is now clear the Council are going to press ahead with the housing development of Modular homes on the Curlew Road site.

A broadly based monitoring Committee has been established with representatives from the Residents Association, DRCG, McAuley Centre and Local Curlew Rd Residents. The schools will also be asked to send a rep. Each regular weekly meeting will also be attended by Council officials from Housung construction, Housing Management, Traffic Dept and the builder. It is envisaged to have regular feedback through the Drimnagh Residents Association Website & Facebook pages.

In this way we should have some control over building to minimise noise, dust, traffic and other disruptions arising from the work.

We the residents of Drimnagh, had been lobbying for a long time for sheltered housing for the elderly to be provided on this site, as was agreed with the Sisters of Charity upon their sale of the plot to Dublin City Council. This battle has been lost and we are now working to make the best of the present situation.

Every effort will be made by monitoring committee to minimise any negative effects both during construction and later during allocation of the finished product.

We encourage feedback from the whole community, via our Drimnagh Residents Association page, via the Comments page on this website, or directly to info@drimnaghresidents.ie.