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Modular Homes – most recent meeeting

24th February 2017

The most recent meeting of the Monitoring Committee considered the following points:
1) Review of Public information evening which was held on Thursday Feb 2nd in the McAuley Centre – the feedback has been very positive overall and all queries raised are being pursued with some vigor.
2) The work schedule for the coming weeks which will concentrate on the actual building of the houses. Most of the materials will be transported to the site and assembled there. Minimum interruption is anticipated.
3) Partial closure of roads to allow services to be put in from one side of the road to the other was discussed and the builders have undertaken to monitor this on an ongoing basis in Liaison with DCC and Monitoring Committee.
4) Builders wanted to initiate Saturday morning work – we objected strongly as this was never brought up before – the fact that is is legal is neither here-nor-there as far as we are concerned. A possible compromise is to work for an extra hour in the evenings instead.
5) The placing of the CCTV cameras was discussed and there is still some discussion required to find a suitable place.
6) There was a long discussion on allocations and good progress was made which will result in pretty much all of the worries of residents allayed.
6) We also had a long discussion on ‘Community Gain’ accruing to the area as a result of the imposition of this development with good progress but further discussion needed.