Local News


24th February 2017

The Public Information Evening was held on 02/02/’17 as planned.

All members of monitoring Committee were in attendance as well as Brian Byrne & Declan Ronan from DCC. General Attendance from target audience (Curlew rd / Knocknarea Rd) was relatively low but those in attendance engaged fully with the meeting.

The main points covered were:

  • The Chairman of the Monitoring Committee (Peter Burke) opened the meeting by referring to the various meetings the Committee had held and the main items dealt with n behalf of the residents.
  • Update on actual works carried out on the site to -date were summarised by Brian Byrne (DCC)
  • Works programme for the coming weeks was outlined with reference to
    • Laying of concrete floors
    • Putting Modular frames and walls in place
    • Roofing
    • Internal works in each house
    • Removal of surrounding wall
    • Putting services under road which will involved some traffic interruption during daytime hours.
  • Allocations of tenants to new houses
    • The previous policy of using Licences has been dropped by agreement
    • Allocations will be from a variety of sources, including directly from homeless, but to overcome the problem of queue-jumping (which has become a serious problem for people on the housing lists for years), most allocations will be from established housing lists with the released homes being made available for the homeless. This is a much fairer approach and fully supported by Monitoring Committee and endorsed by the meeting on the night.
  • CCTV Cameras.  The installation of CCTV cameras was a direct request from previous public meetings and has been agreed.
    • The actual location of the poles for the cameras was not clear at the meeting because of underground services (sewers, water mains etc) but it is expected this will be clarified in coming weeks. The cameras will cover Curlew Rd and Knocknarea Rd providing the protection sought.

There were a lot of Questions and Answers throughout the meeting which concluded at about 8:45 pm

The Monitoring Committee would like to thank the McAuley Centre for facilitating the holding of the meeting.