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Modular Homes – April Update

25th April 2017
The project is running several weeks behind so finishing date, we are told, has been shifted to some time in August.
From an external point of view the houses seem to be going up fine and local interference has been kept to a minimum thanks to the Vigilance of the :Hard-Working Monitoring Committee.
The Crane will be moved to a new location in the site to facilitate the building of the final block and it should be gone entirely within two weeks.
The next big task will be the removal of the surrounding wall. We call for patience during this process as it is going to be messy, noisy and dusty. At our insistence a Window cleaning Company has been contracted to deal with this problem as it effects the homes on Curlew and Knocknarea roads.
After that, internal works will continue for several weeks but this should be at a very low noise level.
The Monitoring Committee will continue with its efforts to minimise interruptions to local community and we take this opportunity to thank all local residents for keeping up informed of any and all problems as they arose. Your support, no doubt sometimes born of frustration, has been truly invaluable.
The Monitoring Committee has also been engaged with the idea of Community Gain from all of this and we have come up with a good list of projects which will receive some help – monetary or otherwise and these include, McAuley Centre, Our Lady’s Hall, The Bosco Youth Centre, plans for a proper Christmas Tree on the Roundabout at the Church etc.