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11th December 2015

At an important meeting on Monday evening held in the Bosco Centre and attended by the main Residents Associations (including Drimnagh Residents Association)and most of the other main organisations in Drimnagh plus the Chairperson and several members of the D12 Drugs Task Force (who had of course funded the original outrageous document in the first place) the infamous and outrageous ARCdocument was effectively binned. The meeting was also attended by Councillors Ruairi McGinley (F.G.) and Councillor Eric Byrne (Lab).

The Task Force accepted that the document was clearly a flawed document which, at best, could only be viewed as a very poor 1st Draft It was agreed an entirely new piece of research would be produced under the general heading of Family Resource for families affected by drug abuse in the Drimnagh Area. There will be full and proper consultation with all the real stake holders in Drimnagh. The research will be undertaken by the Task Force with all reference to ARC removed.

It was made very clear to the Task Force that the Drimnagh Organisations were going out on a limb in trusting it with the task of producing an objective document free of all hidden agendas otherwise we would all be back to square one with all trust gone.

Drimnagh Residents Association accepts this is a satisfactory outcome to this unhappy episode which has occupied far to much of our valuable time since last March.
Below see an outline list of some of the suggestions we are working on, which is being worked on by the Organising Committee on a weekly basis, and it is expected it will be finalised into a definite timetable by end of year or early January.

For our most recent circular to all residents in our geographical area, please click on ‘recent circulars’.

Drimnagh Residents Association has agreed to re-affiliate to Drimnagh Network on a trial basis. We do have some problems with the Draft Constitution of the Network but we believe these can be ironed out.